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Abby is (Born February 20th, 1986) is a professional Second Life wrestler who is currently signed to Premier Wrestling on NAW Show. You can watch pervious seasons with her on Overload.

Official Social Medias[]




Early Life[]

Born in Denmark. Abby works at Prime Care Hospital. Her profession is to inspect and do nursing.

Professional Wrestling Career[]

Premier Wrestling (December 2020 - Present)[]


Abby is former Women's Champion S11 E4 D. 09.23.21 against Rebel Sweetheart, but lost her belt back to Rebel Sweetheart S11 in E8, because Rebel cheated!


Abby has been signed for many Premier Wrestling unplugged road shows until her debut on Overload. You can time to time catch Abby to these free unplugged road shows. Abby is former unplugged extreme champion D.03.06.2021. Abby lost her belt to Black Ops Brie. Abby was the longest Xtreme titleholder on unplugged.

Some of the best moments for Abby had was when she left Dani "The Dominatrix" to face two other opponents alone in the ring in a tag-match. Abby had patients to take care of so she left Dani to face the opponents by herself, and she lost ofc. Abby is also known for using her defibrillator and bedpan the wrong way - but most the ladies on Premier Wrestling women roster, is so ungrateful, and does not understand the medical treatments Abby is giving them. Time to time the ref has been in the way and been hit by them..


Abby Henderson was to be seen at the Ukraine Red Cross Wrestling Show, on April 23rd 2022.


The Name[]

Wulla is a social and health care assistant in real life, so it was easy to figure out the path for Abby Henderson - The Nurse.

The Goal[]

Abby like to threat her patients and provide the best nurse care in second life wrestling.