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Aeshira Kendrid is an Irish born SL Wrestler who is currently signed with VixXxens Wrestling, as of July 28th 2020.

Aeshira has an hourglass-esque build and stands at a height of 5' 7" tall and weighs at least 200lb 7oz.

File:Aeshira 001.png

Aeshira in her entrance attire

Aeshira debuted on Sunday 16th August 2020 in an intense 45 minute match against Karrasue Nighthawk, before cutting a memorable promo that called out all those who questioned her unique physique. Aeshira is no stranger to being one to voice her distain or opinions. Her more recent promo on August 8th's VixXxens show, saw Aeshira cut a promo that was fuelled by her distain towards being ignored, in favour of veteran talents. A statement that would be sure to never go unnoticed.

She goes by the name of "The Norscan Reaver", and her matches are often end quite bloody. Aeshira believes that the more blood that is spilt, the more it shall appease The Blood God.


Aeshira Kendrid's entrance music "Age of The Mullet" a well known piece of music. It has been used in the FarCry 5 OST, but most wrestling fans will know it as the theme used for Bryan Danielson in WWE 2K19. In 2021, Aeshira changed her theme to "Norsca Invades", from Warhammer: Vermintide II.

Aeshira was born in Ashtown, Dublin in Northern Ireland. But spent the majority of her youth and young adulthood in Gloucestershire, England.

Aeshira has recently discovered that her distant ancestors are half Scandinavian, making her "part Norse".

As of yet, nothing has been said about a possible move to a new show. Aeshira has stated that she wishes to stay with VixXxens, but remains to have one foot out of the door, just in case.