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Template:Infobox Anarchy Fateweaver or sometimes just Anarchy is a professional wrestler who wrestles for United Honor Wrestling (uHw), and Hellkatz Angels Wrestling X-treme

Back Story[]

Her Father was an albino sword swallower with the circus. Her mother a prostitute who died during childbirth.

From birth to the age of 10 she lived in an orphanage until it mysteriously burned down. for two years she was a street rat surviving only by instinct and the guidance of the voices in her head.

At age 12 she was found by some monks. Believing her to be the chosen one of the Blood God Khorne they took her in. It turned these were no ordinary monk but Chaos preists, followers of the Dark Gods. The next several years of her life were spent training and being tortured.

She no longer feels guilt, remorse or fear. Pain is just fuel for her seething anger.  Death is merely the end of her journey. Her only goals are to spread carnage whereever she goes and to show the world it's true natural state is Chaos.  

==Character Concept== 

Wrestling Style[]

Anarchy is a hardcore style brawler. Her stategy tends to be beat her opponant until they can't get up. She has been known to go to the top rope or to use vicious submissions to torture her opponants.  


  • AWF Womens Champion, OEW womens champion. VAW womens champion. APW Intercontinental champion, APW US Womens champion, UHW Womens champion 2x HAWX Tag team champion, Hawx Hardcore champion, UXW Hardcore champion, VWWA Dill Pooly memorial queen of the squared circle tournament winner. UHW Power wrestler of the year 2013. APW Hall of fame. VAW Hall of fame.