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Frankie Banderas better known by his ring name " The Raven " Ashe Cuervo is a professional wrestler who is currently wrestling for Battle Championship Wrestling (BCW). Widely regarded as one of the greatest SL Wrestlers to compete within the Grid. Frankie J Reyes gained significant mainstream popularity in VWE as " The Raven " Ashe Cuervo as a horror-themed, macabre entity who employed scare tactics and held links to the supernatural. He was one of the most prominent figures of the Parkin Era before leaving at the start of the Cameron Era.


Born and raised on within the confined of the City of Lost Angeles, Not much is known about Ashe besides what he has accomplished in the Ring.

Professional Training

The Dungeon

As Frankie Crossed over in to Pro Wrestling he was Lucky enough to be accepted in to The Dungeon which was Run by Head trainer " The Great One " Derrick Cult. there he would sharpen his strikes and his submission's. learning Japanese Strong style as well as Advanced MMA Holds.

The House of Flippy Shit Wrestling

Once out of VWE. Frankie was taken under the wing of Bazza Windlow. Training him in Advanced Arial. also with British Strong style a the Direction of Jerico Scarbridge.


File:13537544 548064455378002 6532800659683130405 n.jpg
VWE. 2010-2016

In his early days he wrestled under the name of " The Raven " Ashe Cuervo. He would Win his first Match at WrestleSeries IV in an Elevation X Match where he faced. Broly Blackheart and TJ Tyler. from there he would go on to Win the US Championship against Shinja Ugajin in a Parking Lot Brawl. within his time in VWE he would win tag team Gold with Benja Nirvana as the Murder City Saints. and continue his steak with " The Trickster " Marionetta before losing the gold to Acheron Nightfire and Vince Easterwood at Beach Brawl. He would then Leave VWE due to an Abuse work environment and Creative Difference.

UHW 2013-2013

Frankie would have a short stint within UHW. coming in as one of the Members of " The Chosen Ones " but conflicts with Management resulted in his departure.

APW 2014-2016

Was a No limits Champion when he beat Wolfy Kessel in an Ultimate X Match.
File:13483005 548064622044652 8364646733250658431 o.jpg
H.I.W. 2015-2017

Frankie would Join his former Mentors as Management for High Impact Wrestling. (H.I.W.) He would reprise his role as " The Raven " Ashe Cuervo in H.I.W. having long on and off bouts with Bazza Windlow. Jerico Scarbridge and Voodoo Cooperstone. before H.I.W. Came to a close.

DCWF 2017-2017
File:13502846 1737470113159416 2182805778437165369 o.jpg
H.I.W. Would invade DCWF causing Chaos for the Federation. Frankie would yet again Reprise his role as Ashe Cuervo and Lead Team H.I.W. going in to war games. which was Frankie's first and Last Match FPV with the federation. He would leave soon after Wargames.

Retirement. 2017-2020

After years of putting his body on the line for so many years Frankie Decided that it was time to Hang up his Boots. taking time away from the ring and focusing on his Personal Life.         

Wrestling Style

Ashe uses a mix of many fighting styles within the ring. which are comprised of Capoeira, Lucha Libre, Power, Submission. learned from his years on the streets and his time training within the VWE: Dungeon. All these styles are mixed up to created a unique arsenal that he himself calls " Cuervo Style "

SL Wrestling Legacy

  • Created VWE EXP along with Derrick Cult to become what is now VWE Pulse.
  • Helped in the Creation of WPWF and its first ever Building on Careers.
  • Along with Wrestling. Commentary was Frankie's biggest Passion. he would make his rounds around the grid as he became a staple of SL Wrestling. Providing Commentary for federations like VWE. UHW. APW. H.I.W., HAWX'S. WPWF. DCWF.


  • VWE. United States Championship. 2x World Tag Team Champion. 3
  • APW. No Limits Champion.
  • H.I.W. World Heavyweight Champion.


  • VWE United States Champion ( VWE's Last United States Champion )
  • VWE Tag Team Champion (w/ Benja Nirvana)
  • VWE Rising Star of the Year Golden Rope Winner
  • VWE Story line of the Year Golden Rope Winner
  • VWE Match of the Year Golden Rope Winner

Theme Songs Used

File:H.I.W. Ashe Cuervo - Day of the Dead

H.I.W. Theme Song - Hollywood Undead - Day of the Dead

File:Ashe Cuervo - Entrance V2 Jenn Parkin

VWE Theme. Black Veil Brides - Fallen Angels

High Impact Wrestling - Hollywood Undead - Day of the Dead

BCW - Back From the Dead - Halestorm

VWE - Black veil Brides - Fallen Angels
File:Ashe Cuervo 2014 ( Lowrider Lokas Remix )
VWE - War - Lowrider
File:VWE- Murder City Saints
VWE - Murder City Saints theme
File:Ashe Cuervo entrance video
VWE - Fall out Boy -The Phoenix
File:Ashe Cuervo Entrance
DCWF - Tramatosis - Night of the Raven
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