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Dani (Born December 5, 1983) is an Anglo-Indian professional Second Life wrestler who is currently signed to Premier Wrestling on NAW Show.

Official Social Medias[]

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Early Life[]

Born in the UK, Danielle was a late comer to wrestling. Hailing as "The Dominatrix" unconfirmed rumours state that she was a dominatrix for hire that had a request from a client which involved wrestling moves. Finding she had a talent for it, and enjoying it, she signed with Premier Wrestling in early 2021

Professional Wrestling Career[]

Premier Wrestling (March 2021 - Present)[]


Drafted from the Premier Roster to NAW under the Premier umbrella, Danielle along with new manager Sabrina Ireland recruited Rose Jameson to acquire something from a person of "mutual interest". It was later learned that this mysterious item was photographs of fellow Roster member Black Ops Brie. These photos were used to blackmail Brie in Episode 3 however by episode 6 Brie refused to be blackmailed. Episode 7 saw Brie get revenge on Dani before the season finale puts Brie, Nakita, Rose and Dani in a fatal fourway match.


During season 2 of NAW, Dani appealed for another shot at the title, approaching the current holder, Rose, initially and when this was turned down, going to the General Manager with Sabrina to request a match, guaranteeing no interference. This was granted and in Episode 4 Dani was poised to pin Rose, when she was knocked to the ground and distracted by newcomer, Wysh, granting Rose the opportunity to instead pin the Dominatrix and retain the title. Despite appeals for a rematch, she was denied, Rose remaining champion at the season end.


A quiet start to the campaign, during which time it was rumoured Dagostino was focused on her non wrestling activities, however in Episode 4 Honey "The Trickster" Potts was able to clinch the title from a distracted Rose. Almost immediately, during a behind the scenes conversation, Sabrina passed comment that she had a plan to defeat Honey, guaranteeing Dani the title. This plan became known during episode 6, when Wysh, during a match with Dani, was attacked by Sabrina cuffed and put in a shopping cart, whisked away from the arena. During episode 7, footage released showed the dastardly duo forcing Wysh to join their scheme. Later the same episode, Wysh distracted Honey during their match, and Sabrina and Dani entered the ring, illegaly, and beat Honey, before stealing the title belt, forcing a final showdown for the title in a no DQ match. The match itself was stacked against The Trickster, but despite this, a sleeper hold on the Dominatrix looked to assure her victory, before Sabrina entered the ring, hitting Honey with a c hair and pulling an unconscious Dani onto Honey to clinch the pin, and win the title, crowning the dominatrix as Extreme Women's Champion in what was a highly controversial match which even saw the ref attacking Sabrina after the bell, in retribution for Sabrina attacking the ref in the previous match.



Season 10 saw the Roster of PW splinter, with several members allying themselves with the recently returned Vince Aftermath, citing NAW as the brand. The season saw the rosters from Premier and members of the NAW break into a fight, and later, a full riot in which several members were arrested.

The finale of season 10 saw NAW gain the right to have "space in the place".


During the course of her career with Premier Wrestling, Danielle has been involved in the "Unplugged" Road show, during the course of which has seen a feud start with Black Ops Brie, after Brie saved Dani from a second damaging finisher from Velma. Dani saw this as making her look weak and took exception to the assist. She has also been in a tag team with Izzy Baum, before joining her rival, Abby "the Nurse" to form a tag team. Abby however failed to come out leaving Dani to face her tag team opponents solo.

In 2022 she adopted the title "Miss Dani the Dominatrix" and engaged in a fued with Muerta from the Future, convinced that this was all an act and thet Muerta was neither from the future, nor mute as claimed.

At a Ladies Night event, in which an exclusively female roster performed, The Dominatrix went up against Khia Norsewood, in a physially mis matched bout. Holding her own despite the size disadvantage, the match ended with a double count out against the odds. Khia then cryptically annuonced she had found what she was looking for.


The Name[]

There are several unconfirmed rumours regarding this, however the most popular theory is that Danielle was working as a dominatrix in a club, and was requested by a client to engage in several known wrestling holds and moves. That and her clearly fetish oriented style of dress, and skill with a whip, suggest that the name is simply an extension of an occupation.

The Goal[]

Danielle has not really commented on any set goal, except to make a name for herself. Recently however she has made comments about wanting to take the title belt off first Brie, and then, when Brie lost this title, directing those same comments to Rose.