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De La Croix, real name Lucille du Corbeau (born July 14th, 1993), is a French virtual professional wrestler. She is currently signed to Neo Cyber Society Wrestling, making her in-ring debut on March 25th, 2021.


Lucille du Corbeau, better known as De La Croix, is a skunk that hails from the city of Toulouse in southern France, born into the rich family of du Corbeau to parents Olivier and Marie, and siblings Constantin, Lazare, and Maximilienne.

Lucille was already from a young age spoiled by her parents, to the hatred of her siblings, and also her future fellow classmates.

Lucille was a very good scholar, mostly thanks to her quick understanding and it was showing when at the age of 12, she began to learn professional wrestling from her mother who was a former well-known Maîtresse Papillon, this laying the foundation to her future school days.

Lucille did proceed to further her studies after finishing her first nine years in school, aiming for studying psychology as well as economy, but at the age of 16, her feminine attributes had already made themselves known as rumors began to spread that her high test scores were all fabricated from unprofessional means.

Deciding to not take the accusations kindly, Lucille challenged all of the troublemakers, all of them guys, to wrestle her.

Thinking themselves superior to her, they accepted her challenge and one by one they were beaten by the skunk, with the last one having the unfortunate fate of getting caught in her mother's signature submission hold, L'inspection de la Maîtresse, and had to either tap out or get sprayed.

This resulted in Lucille being brought to the principal's office, where the principal told her that she would be expelled for her action, but that he was willing to forget it, if she was willing to help him out a bit.

Lucille's reply spoke for her when she had the principal going through his desk before she walked out the school and back home.

Eleven years later, after having lost both her parents to a pandemic disease and her siblings having gotten married to rich and older partners, Lucille would stumble across a flyer for a wrestling federation based in cyberspace.

Laughing at such an idea as wrestling data, Lucille decided to humor them when she applied and didn't even need any training, but needed to be medically cleared by at-the-time head of medical staff, Doctor Shanika.

Once she got the medical clear from her, Lucille was asked what she wanted as a ring name, to which Lucille decided to honor her mother's decision to name herself after her maiden family's crest of a butterfly, by naming herself after her family's crest.

Of the Cross, De La Croix.

Neo Cyber Society Wrestling[]

The French Annoyance[]

De La Croix has not done anything of great significance in NCSW, other than being a plain annoyance to her opponents.

Other Promotions[]

The day that De La Croix participate in any events, that's the day she have been paid to do it.

Move List[]


  • Mistress' Inspection (Crotchface Crippler)

Signature Moves[]

  • French Revolution (Break A Bitch)
  • Toulouse Lightning (Rolling Thunder)

Match Records[]

NCSW Other
Total Matches 11 0
Won 2 0
Lost 9 0
Draw 0 0
NCSW Match Results
Date Event Location Result

Entrance Music[]


  • Mixed Entrance Musics


  • De La Croix is a lesbian and have made it clear she will never use Mistress' Inspection on a male opponent ever again.
  • The ring name of De La Croix's mother takes inspiration from the Bayonetta franchise in form of the demon Madama Butterfly, while De La Croix's style of wrestling is influenced by Bayonetta's fighting style.
  • De La Croix uses a mixture of French and Basque accent.
  • De La Croix calls herself a noble and claims to be a noblesse d'épée, but noble status has not existed in France since 1870.
  • De La Croix founded part of development of the former NCSW WWW Champion, Imani Nyeup, or so she claims.
  • De La Croix's favorite countries are France and Germany, while her most hated countries are Japan, United Kingdom, and United States.
  • De La Croix has emetophobia, making her become manic with what she eats to prevent herself from throwing up.
  • De La Croix likes her fellow wrestlers Renee Nyxrose and Strikira, but the opposing side does not share that emotion.