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Ivory Queen, real name Nitocris al-Nubis (born August 12th, 1974), is an Egyptian-American virtual professional wrestler. She is currently signed to Neo Cyber Society Wrestling, making her in-ring debut on April 20th, 2020.


Ivory Queen hails originally from Alexandria, Egypt, and left most of her past unknown until joining FWF on April 20th, 2020 under the ring name Nitocris.

In her debut match at FWF, she suffered a back injury, and after one of her fellow wrestlers got fired, left FWF too.
She then joined Primal Instincts Wrestling Entertainment under the same ring name, taunting her previous employeer.

Ivory didn't like that she was underused by PIWE and once July came around, she left with a whole group to start the location where she started to wrestle under the ring name Ivory Anput and then later Ivory Queen, at Neo Cyber Society Wrestling.

Furry Wrestling Federation[]

Ivory Queen have expressed no will to talk about this past.

Primal Instincts Wrestling Entertainment[]

Ivory Queen have expressed no will to talk about this past.

Neo Cyber Society Wrestling[]

The Birth of the Badass[]

When Nitocris joined NCSW, she picked up the ring name of Ivory Anput, taking the role of a goddess of aviators, and showed in her first match against Imani Anput why she was the upcoming star when after a long match, Ivory put everything into her old finisher Nagasaki Breaker, a Sitout Last Ride, and pinned the synthetic cobra, but left her back injured again at February 12th, 2021.

Ivory would come back to cement her legacy when she beat Khopesh the Sickle at April 2nd, 2021, and took home the NCSW Hardcore Champion title.

The End of the Hardcore[]

Ivory would hold onto the Hardcore title for 78 days before she lost it at June 19th, 2021, to the newest big heel The Odyssey, leaving her to focus on being a mother to her daughter until she invoked her rematch clause on August 6th, 2021, with the stipulation that if she lost the match, she would be signed on a Legends contract.

She did lose her match, but The Odyssey decided to pour gasoline on her and the ring before setting it ablaze, resulting in Ivory suffering burns all over her body.

The Rehabilitation Arc[]

After Ivory's medical treatments were over, she returned back home to Alexandria to get away from the ring.

However, it was a few weeks later that someone would find her home and ask to be let in as they were a fan.

Ivory would let the fan inside and listened to all the praise, until the fan admitted to have come to try and bring her back and that she was serious about it.

Ivory had been furious at this and yelled at her, until the fan asked if there was a way to prove that she was serious, to which the fan promised she would let her do anything if it meant to prove her sincerity.

Ivory knew exactly what needed to be done for it and told the fan to follow her upstairs.

What the fan didn't expect was for Ivory to bring out a table and place it down before telling her that what she needed to do was letting her put the fan through the table to prove she was serious.

The fan was scared, but agreed to it, before Ivory grabbed her throat and soon performed a chokeslam on her, through the table.

The frozen heart of Ivory had come back to life in the fan's expression of trust in her and Ivory realized that it wasn't late for her to return and she made a promise to the fan that she wasn't going to give up.

Rebirth from the Fires[]

The fan, whose name was Sylvia Knux, brought Ivory to meet with a respected manager named Ramon Mysterie, who had once been a trainee that had to quit for unknown reasons.

Sylvia had in fact been in contact with Ramon about bringing Ivory back and now with them both sitting in front of him, Ramon had taken a chance to talk out about becoming the manager for both of them.

They had no issues accepting his offer and they had worked together to get them ready for the first match for Sylvia, as well as the return match of Ivory, who had now taken the new ring name of Ivory Queen and with her new appearance, the rebirth was complete.

Other Promotions[]

Ivory Queen haven't participated in any events yet.

Move List[]


  • Jetstream Sandstorm
  • Mach 3 Sandstorm
  • Predator Missile (Striking Spear)

Signature Moves[]

  • Inverted Ascension
  • Mach 1 Sandstorm
  • Mach 2 Sandstorm

Match Records[]

NCSW Other
Total Matches 8 3
Won 4 1
Lost 3 2
Draw 1 0
NCSW Match Results
Date Event Location Result

Entrance Music[]


  • "Fire Seducer" by Anonymous Artist


  • "Princess of Egypt" by E-Type


  • Ivory Queen has a bodypaint to make her look like a cracked marble statue repaired with gold flakes.
  • Ivory Queen has a daughter who is above legal age.
  • Ivory Queen has a mastery over sand and wind, earning her the nickname of The Jetstream Sandstorm.