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Kandace Angelica Perez (born November 3, 2000), better known by her ring name Kandy Perez is an American professional wrestler, glamour model, and adult entertainment model currently signed to Premier Wrestling (PW). She has previously wrestled for promotions such as Battle Championship Wrestling (BCW), Fusion Pro Wrestling (FPW), Universal Championship Wrestling (UCW), Women's Pro Wrestling Federation (WPWF), and the Xtreme Pro Wrestling Association (XPWA). Perez became the first openly transgender wrestler in SL history to sign with a major pro wrestling promotion when she signed with Premier Wrestling in March of 2020.


Kandace Perez was born on the November 3, 2000, and was born and raised in the Bushwick district of Brooklyn, New York. She took an interest in pro wrestling at a young age, as her dad is a music producer, providing many custom theme songs for professional wrestlers and even helping her dad in that department after finishing high school. She cites wrestlers such as Honey Bluntz, Rani Patel, Bazza Windlow, Mythil Woyseck and Maxine as being her inspirations.

Career History[]

Women's Pro Wrestling Federation (2020)[]

Perez signed on with Women's Pro Wrestling Federation (WPWF) in January of 2020 after being a being apart of a tryout class with several others. Despite losing her tryout match to Ursula Black, the trainers were impressed with how quickly she caught on. She then began received further training from Lady Death as well as Natas Grimore. on April 4th, she lost an exhibition match against Lady Death. She made her Asylum debut on April 25th, losing to Samantha Foxy. The next week, she lost to Chiyoko after receiving a spray of green mist from Rie Kurihara. On May 9th, Perez suffered her third straight loss, this time against Rena Kadoya, though she got in a lot more offense this time than with her other opponents.

Xtreme Pro Wrestling Association (2020)[]

Perez continued her training with WPWF but over the weeks, XPWA owner, Bo Drago took an interest in her. Inviting her to a training class of other peers, he was impressed enough to put her on their flagship show, Revolution. In her in-ring debut on February 15th, she defeated Naria Humide with her Kandy Go Round before on February 20th, she teamed with Harley Ryder in a Mixed Tag Team Match to defeat Krieg and Nightwolf when Ryder defeated Krieg on Madness. Shortly after, she was booked for the FPW, Final Countdown, but the company have folded before the event could take place.

Universal Championship Wrestling (2020)[]

In Early 2020, It was announced at the February 29th interpromotional event In Deep 2 that Perez signed on with Universal Championship Wrestling. At the same event, she suffered a loss to HAW legend, Honey Bluntz, in a bikini match. On March 21st at UCW's inaugural show, We Are UCW, she lost again to Honey Bluntz in an exhibition match. Things were looking rough for Perez's career in UCW until on April 12th at UCW's first FPV, Genesys, She gained her first victory against Kentake in the main event, despite interference from Alicia Mercer. On the April 25th edition of Breakout, Perez was called out by Alicia, igniting an argument and a brawl before Alicia was saved by Kentake, who left Perez laid out cold. The next Breakout (May 2nd), she faced Izzy Baum, losing but showing a lot more fight than she ever has in UCW, earning respect from the crowd and her peers. On May 9th's Breakout, Perez lost against Crystal Knox after a low blow and an accidental Pescado from Perez to Knox's mentor, Honey Bluntz. The next Breakout (May 16th), she lost against Emma Grey by DQ after Grey's rival, Madison McCarthy interfered and attacked her. Perez never gained the opportunity to redeem herself, as the federation closed its door in June of 2020.

Premier Wrestling (2020) (2022-Present)[]

It was announced on February 27th on her official Twitter page that Kandy Perez had signed a part-time contract to Premier Wrestling. She made her debut for the company on March 14th at a house show, losing to Venomous Nicole. On March 28th, she gained her first victory, defeating Jenn Logas at an Unplugged show with the Code Green in an upset. Perez then competed at the Relay For Life house show, representing Premier Wrestling, and defeating Cassady Payne with a Split-Legged Moonsault. On April 13th (taped April 10th), Perez would debut on Premier Wrestling television programming in the second episode of their fifth season, facing Logas again, but this time losing due to multiple distractions from Brandon Ixito. The next episode on April 20th (taped 16th), Ixito was seen spying on Perez as she was stretching before her match. Later in the show, Perez defeated Venomous Nicole with her Kandy Go Round, but after the match, Ixito came out, telling Perez that she's his and grabbed her before she was saved The Hunter. The next week on the Mid-Season Finale, she managed The Hunter as he defended the Middleweight Championship against Brandon Ixito, leading The Hunter to victory. On April 25th, After defeating Rebel Sweetheart at another Unplugged show, Perez earned herself a Number One Contender's Match on the next episode. On the May 4th(Taped May 1st) episode of Premier Wrestling, she competed against Jenn Logas in the Number One Contender's match for the Women Championship, only winning by DQ after Rebel interfered, attacking her. However, after the match, she and Perez had a short brawl in the ring before the two had to be separated by several referees. The next episode on May 11th(Taped May 7th), She was forced to team with Rebel against Nakita and Logas and despite miscommunications between the two, Perez picked up a win for her team over Nikita, the reigning Women's World Champion, with a Kandy Go Round. She was scheduled to face Rebel Sweetheart and Nikita for the Women's Championship on the season 6 finale, but she was attacked backstage by Sweetheart before the match could take place and Perez was replaced with Jenn Logas. Perez parted ways with the company on May 16th, citing issues with management such as creative differences, and lack of opportunities within the women's roster.

Digital Championship Wrestling Federation (2020-2021)[]

On July 10th of 2020, DCWF announced the signing of Kandy Perez. She debuted on July 19th on an episode of Full Tilt, scoring an upset on the much bigger Bellona, who then attacked her after the match. The next episode on July 26th, She faced Vilenaux and Gina Rose in a triple threat match, losing to the latter after she pinned Jaxi due to a weapon shot. On August 2nd, her next match was against Kimberly Smith, who won by DQ after Gina attacked her. Following this, she also attacked Perez. The next week, Kandy gained a bit of revenge, distracting Gina during her match with Carmelita Marcel and subsequently costing her the match. Later that night, She teamed with Emma Grey as a surprise against Joanne Steel and Regan Blair, getting the win for her team over Joanne with her Kandy Go Round. However, the following week, she finally faced Gina Rose, but this time ending in a double countout. The two eventually meet again on September 13th, with Kandy losing to Gina Rose and keeping the rivalry going. The next Full Tilt on September 20th, Kandy suffered a loss to Gina Rose. However, the next week, Gina Rose attacked Emma Grey after losing a match against her, prompting Kandy to make the save, which was thwarted by Rose's new bodyguard, Malia Amaso. On the September 27th edition of Full Tilt, Perez and Grey faced Rose and Malia in a losing effort. Over the course of the next week, Perez and Joanne Steel had been going back and forth on social media, culminating in a Hardcore Match on October 3 at WTF Warzone, where Perez was back body dropped off the stage and through a table, injuring her collarbone. Despite this, she finished the match and gained the pinfall victory with A Trash Can Lid-assisted Split-Legged Moonsault. Though, she was forced to take a bit of time off in the ring. She made her return in 2021 on the March 20th edition of Full Tilt, teaming with Vanessa De Silva to defeat Samantha Foxy and Jaxi Vilenaux. Unfortunately, the match was cut from the YouTube broadcast due to time constraints. In April, Kandy decided not to renew her contract with the DCWF, parting ways with the promotion in favor of Fusion Pro Wrestling.

Slam City Pro Wrestling (2021)[]

Due to their working relationship with DIgital Championship Wrestling Federation, Perez was able to make appearances for the metaverse wrestling promotion, Slam City Pro Wrestling. She made her debut on the December 12th, 2020, edition of Slammed, gaining her first singles victory against Honey Bluntz. Her next appearance was on the Jan 17th 2021 edition of Slammed, gaining another pinfall victory against Goldie Fawn. Her last appearance was in a 3 way dance against Goldie Fawn and Abbie Todd. She was eliminated first by Goldie, before she, too was then eliminated for Abbie Todd to come out the victor.

Fusion Pro Wrestling (2021-2022)[]

On July 16th of 2021, It was announced that Kandy Perez had officially signed with Fusion Pro Wrestling (FPW). On the July 23th edition of FPW, Kandy Perez competed against Alison Daines in the First Round of a Tournament to determine the inaugural FPW Women's World Champion. Despite a back and forth match, Perez lost to Daines, though the two shook hands after the match. Her next appearance was on the September 30th episode, where she gained her first victory defeating Sue Plex with her Split-Legged Moonsault now officially named "A Splash of Color", however, she received unwanted help from Stacy Driller. Her next match on the October 28th debut episode of Allegiance ended in the same way as defeated Loly Wahan Nihasa with a Bridging Roll Up after the latter got distracted by Driller. The next Allegiance on November 4th, She came out to the ring, calling out Driller for interfering in her matches, who responded with her reasons but both were interrupted by Nihasa. Nihasa challenged Perez to a rematch at the November 11th "For The Forces" show in which the latter happily accepted. However, at the show, their match ended in a DQ win for Nihasa after Driller once again interfered. Kandy looked to have enough of Driller's shenanigans as she shoved her away from Loly, but then Perez attacks Nihasa herself, turning heel for the first time in her career. Perez explained her actions on the November 15th edition of Uncensored, as she and Driller formed a bond outside of the pro wrestling business and within the adult entertainment business. Perez then managed Driller as she faced Emma Grey right after. Perez then teamed with Momma T to face Nihasa and Hazzard on the November 18th edition of Allegiance in a losing effort after the former received a devastating Doomsday Device. Though, she bounced back on the December 2nd edition of Allegiance, defeating Hazzard with her Kandy Go Round, then telling Nihasa (who was at ringside managing Hazzard) that she will give her another shot at her, but only on her terms and made it a bra and panties match "In the spirit of Uncensored" to which Nihasa reluctantly agreed. On the December 6th edition of Uncensored, Nihasa came out to the ring for the match before Perez came out in just her lingerie, tricking Nihasa before quickly stripping her down to her bra and panties to win. However, the GM Krystalia had a lot to unpleasant things to say about what just happened, before booking a Tables Match between Kandy Perez and Loly Nihasa at the next FPV "Twas The Night Before Fusion". On the December 13th edition of Uncensored, Perez managed Driller as she faced Hazzard, being seconded by Niahsa. Towards the end of the match, Kandy attempted to interfere on Driller's behalf, but was stopped by Nihasa, starting a brawl between the two that lasted well after the match. Furthermore, Perez and Driller gained the advantage as Perez left Nihasa outside of the ring before the two sent Hazzard through a table with a Double Suplex in the ring. Kandy Perez competed in her first Free-Per-View match on December 16th at Twas The Night Before Fusion, ultimately losing to Loly Nihasa after a top rope Spanish Fly through a table at ringside.

Perez made her return to action in a Fatal 4 Way against Ruth Resident, Karma Starr, and Natalie Sonnen, winning after throwing Natalie out of the ring and pinning Ruth On the January 13th episode of Allegiance. The next Allegiance on January 20th, She quickly defeated Emma Higgins before declaring that she deserves a title shot, threatening to hold up the show if she didn't get it. She was, however, interrupted by Sonnen, who had grown tired of Kandy's complaining before challenging her. Perez responded by leaving the ring, before saying she'll find an opponent for Sonnen later that night. Furthermore, Perez picked Jesse Mateo to face Natalie Sonnen, with the latter defeating Mateo. On the February 3th episode of Allegiance, GM Krystalia booked Kandy Perez and Natalie Sonnen in a "Love Hurts" Steel Cage Match at the upcoming FPW, Love Bites, on February 10th, which resulted in a loss to Sonnen after being pinned.

Personal Life[]

Kandace is an only child. She is of African-American and First Nations (Odawa heritage) descent. She graduated from high school a year early in June of 2018, excelling in cheerleading, gymnastics, as well as being the only female on her powerlifting team in her junior year. She is longtime pro wrestling fan, citing Maxine, Rani Patel, and Honey Bluntz as her inspirations.

In Wrestling[]


  • A Splash Of Color [Split-Legged Moonsault] - used as a signature in 2020-2021
  • Kandy Go Round [Diving Somersault Seated Senton]

Signature Moves[]

  • Best A.S.S. Ever! [Argentine Sidewalk Slam]
  • Double Fudge Handspring [Corner Double Handspring Back Elbow Smash]
  • Kama Sutra [Octopus Hold]
  • Sugar Rush Handspring [Corner Front Handspring Turnbuckle Thrust]
  • Triple Hershey Chocolate Kick [Tiger Feint Kick]

Trademark Moves (Favorite Moves = ♥)[]

  • Butterfly Suplex (♥)
  • Crossbody Variations
    • Diving
    • Slingshot Plancha
    • Springboard
  • Dragon Sleeper (♥)
  • Elbow Drop (♥)
  • European Uppercut (♥)
  • Flapjack (♥)
  • Forearm Smash (♥)
  • Full Nelson Bomb
  • Hurricanrana Variations
    • Frankensteiner
    • Spinning Headscissors Takedown
  • Kick Variations
    • Axe
    • Drop (Front, High-Angle, Low, Missile)
    • Feint Spinning Heel into Enzuigiri
    • Roundhouse (♥)
    • Scorpion
    • Shoot (♥)
  • Knife-Edge Chop (♥)
  • Lariat (♥)
  • Leg Drop (♥)
  • Mexican Surfboard/Romero Special
  • Northern Lights Suplex
  • O'Connor Roll, sometimes while bridging
  • Olap Special
  • Overhand Punch (♥)
  • Rolling Neck Snap, usually preceded by a snapmare
  • Scoop Slam
  • Slingshot Somersault Senton (♥)
  • Snap Scoop Powerslam (♥)
  • Snap Suplex, sometimes double or triple rolling
  • Swinging Neckbreaker (♥)
  • Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker (♥)
  • Tornado DDT
  • Victory Roll

Entrance Video[]

Kandy Perez's Current Theme

Entrance Music[]

"Betty Buss it" by Big Freedia ft. Soaky Siren, Tank, and The Bangas (Current)

"Candy" by Foxy Brown ft. Kelis (2020-2022)