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The Shieldmaiden, (Born March 5th, 1987) is a Norwegian professional Second Life wrestler who is currently signed to Premier Wrestling on one of  their main shows, Overload.

The Shieldmaiden is a wrestler with a big heart. She strives to always learn from her opponents, and she is always honorable.Altho, she is of viking blood, so cross her by fighting unfair or what she considers without honor, and she will show you another side of herself, the berserker.

While not the fastest of fighters, due to her size, she has been known to be able to withstand a lot of punishment, and use her time to analyze her opponent. Once she sees the weaknesses, she attacks hard, heavy and without hesitation.

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Life Before Premier Wrestling[]

Coming from a village outside of Trondheim, Norway, Khia lived close to the sea. The northern harsh weather hardened her during her younger years.

In her younger years she was doing recreational judo and Aikido. However the choice landed on amateur wrestling.

Getting into her teens, she started to study Northern history. She got specially interested in the Viking era. She also got intrigued with the fighting style of the ancient vikings. While not using weapons, she started to learn the tactic they often used. Defensive and taking their licks until they saw the weakness of their enemy, often known as the shield wall, then attacking, using the weaknesses without mercy.

Seeing this kind of style did not work with normal wrestling, Khia decided to go into the pro style. After several years of perfecting her style in back alley shows, she finally felt confident enough to apply for the big leagues, and rather quick landing in the federation known as Premier.

Professional Wrestling Career[]

Premier Wrestling (March 2021 - Present)[]

Season 11[]

While the Bigger stars fought among themselves for the glory and titles, Khia was the new face. She was nervous as a deer hunted by wolves as she entered the ring for the first time.

But the crowds responded in ways she could not expect. The exotic viking was embraced by a lot already during her first match, and she even earned the respect of the current women's Champion, Rebel. This relationship quickly grew into a friendship between these two.

Khia being khia, increased her popularity by being herself. Banging her own drum, giving it all in every match, win or lose, and also gaining the respect of her elder fellow wrestlers.

Season 12[]

Life was good. Her peers respected her. The fans seemed to love her more and more.

Then her best friend Rebel decided to put her title on the line, feeling no one could beat her.

After an intense match, Khia astounded everyone by beating the favorite and much more experienced Rebel. Tho feeling good, it was a bittersweet victory. Rebel, her closest friend and mentor seemed to change.

The rest of that season was a dark time for Khia. Rebel did indeed turn on her. Trying to get others to do her dirty work for her to get her title back. Every attempt backfired, and Rebel sank more and more into a dark pit where she started to see Khia as a betrayer, getting obsessed with the belt. It ended up in a no DQ match where Khia for the first time in her life used a weapon, her shield, defending the title.

Season 13[]

Khia entered as the defending champion, already in the first show declaring that she would put her title on the line against anyone the management felt was worthy.

Rebel, still fueled with hatred and anger, wanted revenge. She started using other wrestlers to try and manipulate outcomes, wrestlers like Backwoods Barbie and The Morrigan.

So far it has not worked. But, the season is not over. The final chapter of this season's saga is yet to be written.


From the start of her career at Premier, Khia has tried to be on their roadshow as much as possible. She has loved the interactions with the crowd from day one, and she has faced some really crazy challenges and wrestlers there, also from Premier’s sistershow NAW.

There she met one of the women she now considers her sisters, Dani the dominatrix, adn the jungle amazon, Nakita.

Khia and Nakita have aligned forces twice so far on unplugged. And while not the fastest woman around, when they get a hold of you you are in trouble, which has now been proven twice.

However, it seems Khia has other plans as well. At the women's night out, a show showcasing all the amazing talent the female roster had, the dominatrix held her own against the much bigger Khia, resulting in a double count out. Khia then cryptically announced she had found what she was looking for.

Khia later appeared in a match Dani had vs Venna the Kraken, just watching the match from the stage. After the match she repeated that she had found it, and it was soon time. Nothing is known about this after that.


The Name[]

Noone really knows where her name comes from. It is not a normal name for northerners, but some rumors say it is old-norwegian for “Wardrum.” This has however never been proven, and as no one really knows her heritage adn can ask any family members, this remains a mystery to this day. Even if it is her real name, or something she has come up with herself.

The Goal[]

The shieldmaiden announced her goals in her very first promo!

She is here to test herself against the best Premier has.

She will learn from her losses, and adapt until she comes out victorious against any opponent.

Least but not least: She always fights for honor amongst her peers. Win or lose she respects her opponents and expects the same for every fighter in Premier. This is a noble goal, but has also shown to be a bit naive.