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Neo Cyber Society Wrestling is a no-discrimination promotion for furries, humans, and cybers, located at the Callipygia and Purrcade sims.

NCSW is a upcoming wrestling promotion with ties to closed federations such as Furry Wrestling Federation (FWF) and Primal Instincts Wrestling Entertainment (PIWE).

They got performances putting you on the edge of your seats, and storylines pulling at the heartstrings, all delivered by heroes such as The Jewel, Ivory Queen, Nzingha, and Sylvia Knux to cheer on, and villains such as The Great Gararai, Bruiser, and Plague Malice to hate to the bitter end. This makes it all worth a visit to any of their shows as each show is a wonder to behold from a promotion of such a small size.

NCSW has an open talent exchange agreement with United Furry Wrestling (UFW), meaning that talents can appear as guest wrestlers during their shows.

The current owner is La Catrina Calavera, with the support of her management.