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Nzingha is an Egyptian virtual professional wrestler. She is currently signed to Neo Cyber Society Wrestling, making her in-ring debut on June 18th, 2021.


Nzingha wasn't originally a hippo, but actually a spirit that has lived up and down the Nile river for a few thousand years.

It's only been in the last few hundred years she has been wondering the world to see how its changed.

Thinking back to the sports in The Colosseum in Rome, she wanted to try it.

No sports she saw really caught her interest until she saw a match at NCSW.

That's when she took the form of a hippo and joined.

Neo Cyber Society Wrestling[]

Nzingha is so far the dominant force of victory in NCSW with her establishing a no-losing streak of 20 matches, with only 2 matches being considered drawn.

One of her greatest achievements have been ending Imani Nyeup's reign as the NCSW WWW Champion at November 5th 2021, a reign that lasted for 154 days, and is now holding the NCSW WWW Champion title.

Other Promotions[]

Nzingha haven't participated in any events yet.

Move List[]


  • Nile Tidal Wave (Top Rope Splash)
  • The Nile Tsunami (Tenzan Tombstone)

Signature Moves[]

  • None

Match Records[]

NCSW Other
Total Matches 28 0
Won 25 0
Lost 1 0
Draw 2 0
NCSW Match Results
Date Event Location Result

Entrance Music[]


  • "Nile Bound" by Future Castle