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The CHAIRMAN Ryan Jameson (Born) is an American professional Second Life wrestler who is currently signed to Premier Wrestling on their NAW Show

The Chairman is a Tough and devious wrestler using his scheming mind to wage psychological warfare on his opponents, his sheer brutality, ring awareness, power, and willingness to do what he has to do make him a formidable wrestler.

Ryan will wear is opponent down with a variety of punches and power moves maybe a submission move.

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Early Life[]

Lived on the East coast until his Family moved to South Dakota to escape the gangs that were running wild. He was always the shortest in his class which made him a target for bullies, until one day a perfectly placed low blow to one for the bigger bullies followed with a punch which shattered the bullies jaw, earned him their respect. He suddenly had a growth spurt and started working out building his body and mind vowing he would never be bullied again but be a bully

He will do what he has to do to come out on top even if its underhanded methods.

Professional Wrestling Career[]

Premier Wrestling (2019 - current)


Spent 2019 - 2020 as Premier Wrestling's Main Studio Show's lead commentator


>Hardcore Tournament[]

Won the Unplugged Hardcore Tournament, beating both SMF & Maven Gothly at the same time in the Hell in a Cell Triple Threat finale, becoming the first ever Hardcore Champion.

>Hatred Feud[]

Having a feud with SMF that lasted almost half a year ending in Ryan winning the Hardcore Champion becoming a 2-Time Champion

[Overload] []

Season 8[]

Joined forces with LG & The ACE to screw with Isaiah Jenkins and Trey Steele Legendary

Season 9[]

Beating Trey Steele Legendary winning his Middleweight Championship and becoming a 3-Time Champion and also the very first to hold 2 Titles at the same time.

Season 10[]

Was a part of the NAW Invasion helped NAW get a place in the space.


Season 1[]

Founded the Jameson Clan and started a new era were NAW is completely controlled by Ryan Jameson doing anything as he pleases.

Season 2[]

Had SMF & Dany The Thunder at his Crosshair making their lives a living hell up until the GM had to step in and save them.

Season 3[]

The Jameson Clan disbanded because of inner drama because of what they claimed "Ryan being selfish only using the clan for his sole advantage" which lead to half of it retiring and quitting on Ryan. Ryan still went alone calling himself The Jameson Clan and brought hell upon the arena in the shape of a chairs match vs Isaiah Jenkins



The Name[]

The Chairman was bestowed on me by one of PW’s former commentators he noticed my propensity to use a steel chair then later I had it wrapped with razor wire. That is my go-to weapon I have saves many with head prints and blood of my fallen opponents

The Goal[]

To take out any obstacle that prevents me from attaining my goal to be the most hated wrestler in PW. When the Boo Birds call it incites violence.