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Shadow Dancer (born December 23rd, 1995) is a Japanese virtual professional wrestler. He is currently signed to Neo Cyber Society Wrestling, making his in-ring debut on July 23rd, 2021.


Hailing from Osaka, Japan, Shadow grew up in a single family home. He didn’t know his father and his mother died when he was seven from illness. Life was hard for him as he turned to crime. Stealing what he could to survive and getting into trouble that he tried to slip away from. One night, he tried to steal from an old man’s house. But he got caught and subdued by the old man. Instead of turning him into the police, the old man took him in and trained him.

It was hard, from the crack of dawn to the dead of night. His body ached in places he didn’t know existed. But for some reason, he enjoyed it. For once in his life, he had a father figure in his life. The elderly man, known as Iga, was actually a master of an ancient martial art style called Koga.

He studied every day and night, surprising Iga at how much he wanted to learn and how fast he kept up with him. Pretty soon, Iga passed the torch to him as master at the age of twenty-five. Iga told him to go out and explore the world, gain new skills, and become a master of many things. Taking his words to heart, he grabbed what little clothes he had and took off to explore. During his travels, he studied everything he came across. Soon, he saw an ad for wrestling. Tilting his head, he thought about it but nodding his head. Placing a mask over his face along with a samurai hat, he went to find out about this wrestling place.

Neo Cyber Society Wrestling[]

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Other Promotions[]

Shadow Dancer haven't participated in any events yet.

Move List[]


  • Assassination (Dominator)
  • Dragon's Jaw (Ankle Lock)
  • Dragon's Tail (Olympic Slam)

Signature Moves[]

  • Unknown

Match Records[]

NCSW Other
Total Matches 16 0
Won 6 0
Lost 10 0
Draw 0 0
NCSW Match Results
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Entrance Music[]


  • "Ninja" by VJMUSIC Composed