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Professional Wrestling has entertained fans within the Second Life community starting with promotions like SLCW, VWA, XWA, and HKWF. Here, fans new and old of Professional Wrestling on Second Life can find information on their favorite wrestlers and so much more!

This is also an alternative wiki for SL Wrestling. For those that come by and leave, Take Care!

Show Schedule[]

The following outlines a list of the current and active Professional Wrestling promotions within the Second Life community, as well as a schedule displaying show times for each promotion.
TIMESLOTS Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10AM OEW Adrenaline
1PM PREMIER NAW Ring of International Stars Experience PREMIER Wrestling
2PM VWE Versus
3PM FPW Uncensored BCW Battlezone
4PM FPW Allegiance
5PM UFW Unbroken
6PM VWE Primetime VALIANT Flashpoint DAW (ann.) VWE EDGE WPWF Asylum
7PM UFW Frontline FWF Blood VALIANT Ignition
8PM UFW Nocturnal

Promotions with no Pages (Active and Closed)[]

  • Dark Imagine Entertainment (DIE) - Closed Permanently
  • Extreme Hardcore Wrestling (EHW) - Closed Permanently
  • Extreme Virtual Wrestling (EVW) - Closed Permanently
  • Hard Knocks Wrestling Federation (HKWF)
  • Infernum Pro Wrestling (IPW)
  • Intense Wrestling (IW) - VWWA - Closed Permanently
  • Kingdom of Wrestling (KoW) - Closed Permanently
  • Next Legends of Wrestling (NLW) - Closed Permanently
  • New Millennium Wrestling (NMW) - Closed Permanently
  • PowerHouse Wrestling (PHW) - Closed Permanently
  • Primal Instincts Wrestling Entertainment (PIWE) - Closed Permanently
  • REVOLUTION Wrestling - Closed Permanently
  • Rogue Wrestling Alliance/Rampage Wrestling Alliance (RWA) - Closed Permanently
  • Society of Wrestling (SoW) - Closed Permanently
  • Universal Championship Wrestling (UCW) - Closed Permanently
  • Xtreme Impact Wrestling (XIW) - Closed Permanently