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Syn "The Cobra" (born August 2nd 1987), also known as Synyster "The Cobra" Gates, Syn "The Demon of Death" Rage and "The Demon of Death" is a professional wrestler and is currently signed to Second Life Wrestling to the virtual promotion Premier Wrestling [PW], which is owned by old friends of his called Vince Aftermath and Trey Steele Legendary.

Syn is formely known for his time and wrestling career with VAW (Virtual Attitude Wrestling), where he wrestled on the blue brand of the show known as TURBULENCE. He is also known for defeating Shawn Hex and becoming the VAW NEW BLOOD CHAMPION.

Elsewhere, Syn is known for his time with Action Packed Wrestling during the majority of 2014, where he captured the APW Heavyweight Championship, as well as becoming the APW No Limits Champion.

Career History[]

VAW (Virtual Attitude Wrestling):[]



At VAW, Syn faced up against several opponents. During his debut, he faced Shawn Hex for the No1 Contenders Spot for the New Blood Championship title and got defeated.

At his second match in the ring at VAW, he faced up against Jason Blackheart, one member of The Blackheart family. His opponent was small and quick but he was just as quick and put his finishing move on him and defeated Jason. After the match, Jason got up and put his knockout move on Syn....that didn't work. Mike was victorious.

Match three came along when he faced Usher Ibor, a tall texan cowboy who wanted blood in the ring. This didn't happen as Syn was quick as a flash and beat Usher with a pin.

Then came along match four and he was facing Usher again. This time, Usher was out to get revenge on Syn from the previous week they were last in the ring together. Syn took the match at the beginning but then it went all in the opposite direction as Usher took complete control, pounding Syn and giving him everything he got. He kept Syn in the corner for the count and was then disqualified. Syn was victorious again but left the ring injured.

Thursday 17th October[]

Syn came to the ring assisting commentator and wrestler Rowdy Rob Cathaldus. He was up against Usher Ibor The Urban Cowboy. The match started and Usher was in control of the entire match, giving Rowdy Rob a few moves here and there. But then it came to it. Mike put down his crutches and tried to get Usher's attention, by getting on the ring apron. Rowdy managed to get back into the game, taking him out to the outside of the ring. But Usher got the better of him and then went back inside the ring where the ref counted out Rowdy. Syn kept on persisting to distract Usher from Rowdy until Rowdy out of nowhere took him out with a few moves and then his special, The Sleeperhold. Usher then fell asleep, giving Rowdy the victory. Mike got a mic from the commentator's table and told Usher what he tought he was. Usher then gave his speech and left the VAW arena, leaving everything behind. Syn and Rowdy went to the backstage, being victorious.

Syn "The Cobra" had recovered from his injuries from last week and back in training, ready to take on his opponent at VAW Turbulence on Thursday 24th October.

File:Syn wrestling.jpg

"The Cobra" had a phone call from the bosses at VAW Turbulence and was told that he wasn't going to wrestle on the 24th October but he was going up against what they call "The Scavenger". This was an excellent opportunity for Syn and he didn't want to turn it down. He nodded and accepted the match from the bosses of the show and went straight back into the gym to continue with his fitness for the remainder of the week right up until the day.

Thursday 31st October - Match Day[]

It was that day that Syn would return to the ring and fight against this person called "The Scavenger". He laughed at the name, he thought it was ridiculous. As Syn walked down the ramp, he noticed his opponent in the center of the ring, watching him as if he was a vulture. Due to the decisions being made backstage with the show bosses of Turbulence, they had made the match a No.1 Contenders match for Shawn Hex's New Blood Title.

Syn had always to put the pay in payback to Shawn and he kept it at the back of his mind as he needed to focus right now to win against this "The Scavenger" guy and get his contendership. Syn was quick on all fronts, throwing moves at the guy, pinning him when all he could do was kick out to two. Even "The Scavenger" threw some moves at Syn and knocked him down a couple times. But at that precise moment, Syn got up, kicked Mark in the gut and put his finisher 'The TKO' on him and knocked him out. After the ref had counted the pin "One, two, three!", Syn was pleased. But that wasn't all.

Syn had requested a microphone from the commentators and his fellow wrestler Rowdy to be tossed up to him so he could talk to Shawn and Jason in the back. Jason is his next obstacle and one step to Shawn and winning that New Blood Title. His words to Jason...."Jason, I'm waiting for you and I'll be getting you next week!".

File:Syn turbulence.jpg

Monarch of the Mat Tournament Two weeks ago, we saw a tournament take place live on VAW Turbulence, which consisted of the best superstars on the roster, competing in each match of the tournament making their way up to becoming 'Monarch of the Mat' and getting a title shot for Dannyboy Firehawks VAW Championship.

Week 1[]

Mike was up against Hughie fivo, a fat hawaiian kid. He thought this match was going to be easy but it was quite difficult. Hughie threw in the punches, landed the slams and tried to pin the cobra on several ocassions but he could not quite get there. Mike then came back viciously on his prey and took him down, making it a '1 2 3' count and taking the win, advancing in the tournament.

Week 2[]

Syn was approaching the backstage area of the arena when out from no where in the corridor, he was hit on the back of his head by a unknown figure who took him out and left him lying on the floor, unable to participate. Syn's opponent in the next stage of the tournament was Davemac Linata but he was unable to get to the ring, so the referee counted him out and Davemac advanced, leaving another defeat to The Cobra's tally.

Match vs Family Memorial Memory of Nelson Mandela (died aged 95 at VAW Turbulence)[]

All the wrestlers came out, put their hands on their hearts and gave respect to the man that once was.

Syn received word that new blood had signed a contract to VAW Turbulence and he was feeling no pressure at all. Coming out from backstage, Syn walked down the ramp and into the stage, waiting for his opponent. Who came down? It was Tyler Corvas, his nephew. It was unreal, his nephew had followed in the family footsteps and this was his debut in VAW. Syn went easy on Tyler but his nephew went straight in there, taking him down every single chance he had, pinning him but not keeping Syn's shoulders down. Something was a miss and it was "The Cobra" who attacked viciously, taking his nephew down with every move with every last breath until finally, he sent his nephew to sleep, taking the win. The night was also in memory of Nelson Mandela, who had passed away at the age of 95. Both competitors gave peace and respect to the man and walked back up the ramp.

Since then, "The Cobra", had lost his New Blood Championship to his opponent and then he put up his boots and left Virtual Attitude Wrestling (VAW).

Action Packed Wrestling (APW):[]

File:Apw new logo 2015.jpg


Syn had received letters and phone calls from them, asking him to come wrestle at APW (Action Packed Wrestling). This was more commonly known as the "Family fed" because everybody is treated as family and his own family wrestled there. After some consideration, Syn got into his car and drove to the APW Arena (or coliseum) and gazed up at the columns holding the structure.

Entering the arena, matches were currently underway and the crowds were huge. Crowds screaming for their favourite wrestler (man or female) to win in their matches. Syn put his name forward to rejoin his family and to expand his wrestling career.

Syn's comeback match was against his cousin Shawn at NIGHT OF DESTINY II. Now, Syn and Shawn hated each other because they thought that one was better than the other. Turns out, Shawn wasn't the better out of the two. Syn finished Shawn with a Skullcrusher and sent him to sleep, taking the win.

Then over the course of the next few weeks, he faced against several other people. This including his uncle Zach, Harry, Shawn again, and won all of those matches. Then it came to the biggest point in his wrestling career, the No Limits Championship. Syn had already noticed Rosa had the title but something happened that day. Syn put himself against John for the title in the No.1 Contendership for the belt but sadly lost. Rosa then had to go face off against John Crossett for the title but lost. After this happened, the AGE OF RAGE began, taking over the APW.

There was a feud going on between two sisters, Katie and Kaylee. Something happened between them that kept them apart but they were part of a 6-man tag team match. It was Syn, Zach and Katie vs Kaylee, Gypsy and surprise wrestler Broly. The match was intense but the tag team of Gypsy, Kaylee and Broly took the win, leaving Syn, Zach and Katie on the mat.

The time had come for Syn to end John Crossetts reign with the championship. AGE OF RAGE was burning up in the arena and it would go out with a big explosion. Syn came out, being the darkside of the RAGE group had no light left inside of him. Syn took out John and kicked his ass into the next week and sent him packing to his nightmares, making Syn the new No Limits Champion.

After this happened and there was a break over the next few weeks, hell started to break loose. The AGE OF RAGE got out of hand and Scott stepped up, wanting to relieve Syn of the title as he said and quoted 'not worthy enough'. Syn laughed at Scott and gave him an ultimatum to do with the championship. Sadly, the ultimatum didn't stand very well and it was broken. Syn faced up against Scott and lost in the match. It looked like his career was heading down a really bad path but it didn't. Syn came back at El Huracan and took him out, leaving him lifeless in the ring taking the win. The AGE OF RAGE was prevailing in the APW wrestling arena.

Then it came to that day when Scott became the No.1 contender for Syn's belt, the No Limits Championship. Sadly, it was all that was written in the books and Syn's reign was taken out and demolished. Scott left him lying in the ring of his own sweat, pinning him and taking the title away. After this happened, there was a split in the AGE OF RAGE. Zach couldn't deal with the fact of the amount of losses the family was taking so therefore he left, leaving Syn and Rosa, brother and sister to fend for themselves.

APW Collision[]

File:Apw Ignition 2013

APW "COLLISION" 31st January 2015[]

Matches were on as normal and the crowd roaring and cheering for their favorite wrestlers to win the matches. Syn came out and started shouting the odds about his match. But, he didn't want to talk about beating a worthless dog and leaving him in the ring. Syn shouted out to the management in the back, putting himself down for the Main Event at NIGHT OF DESTINY III for the Metaverse Championship. After Wolfy came out, the match begun. Syn took charge of the match but it was Wolfy who was kicking his ass throughout the match until he put him in a figure four. Syn's RAGE grew and he had enough and it was time to put the dog to sleep. After Syn used his finisher to send him to sleep, APW President Aurora came out and spoke to him, then told him to turn around only to be distracted long enough to be taken out and for Wolfy to win. Aurora also said to Syn..."you want the match at NIGHT OF DESTINY III if you can still hear me got it"....Syn slowly got up and couldn't believe he got what he wanted. Rosa then helped him out the ring and set off to prep for that upcoming match. AGE OF RAGE was coming......"Syn Rage" is coming.......

Saturday 7th February[]

Syn's opponent in the APW arena was Vander Jackson. The two fought out the battle extremely until Syn overcame Vander and took him out, sending him to sleep with his signature, The Skullcrusher. After he had seen Vander off to the back, the next week he was scheduled to do a promo but for some unknown reason, was taken out by a masked figure and nobody knew who it was.

Sunday 22nd February[]

Syn went up against the main man himself, Broly Blackheart. The two wrestlers fought massively, with Rosa in Syn's corner making sure he didn't tap out to Broly's special. But it got too much for him and eventually he tapped, adding a loss to his career.

Over the course of the next few weeks leading up to NIGHT OF DESTINY III, he decided to go away from the arena for a while due to a mental illness, causing him to go crazy and take anybody out he sees. He was then put into a mental institute for his recovery to begin. He stayed in there until NIGHT OF DESTINY III.

Since Syn's actions lead him to take people out viciously and quick like a cobra's reflex, he decided to go back to his other name, "THE COBRA." Ever since Syn returned to the APW arena, he has become a different person entirely....what will happen?

Since NIGHT OF DESTINY III, Syn's sister Rosa has not been herself lately. Over the past couple of weeks, he went and visited the hospital she was recuperating at. But all was not well with him as the doctors have said again and again that she was fine. But that didn't sit with him very well. He started hearing things in his head and went on a vicious attack against the staff and took Rosa home. The second week the doctors phoned the APW Management explaining Rosa's current state and commentator Ashe Cuervo acknowledged the phone call. Syn came out from the back shouting saying she wasn't herself. Ashe was giving him reassurance that she was fine. What happened? He attacked Ashe then went back to get the doctors head at the hospital....

Over the course of the weeks, Syn went to the gym to build himself up for his next few opponents. Management planned something different for him and asked him to go out and talk. So APW Collision came and who was on mic? Scott Hex, one of his enemies. He was going on and on about the APW Heavyweight Championship title that Damien Hex (his brother) currently had. Syn went out and told Scott he would break him and walk out the NEW APW Heavyweight Champion. Scott accepted Syn's challenge and he just walked off saying to Scott "See you at Confrontation Scott."


Here it was, the FPV. Confrontation, where all hell breaks loose. HAWX vs APW and the point system would determine which fed would stay and which would go.


Each contestant fought bravely, getting points for their feds but it was Syn's ultimate test to face up against not just Scott but also Damien Hex. Soon as Syn walked out, he stood at the corner of the ring and waited. Damien then walked out with the title in hand, ready for Syn to walk out as the new champion. But somebody else occurred instead of Scott. Kentake, from the APW women's division came out and wanted to win the championship as well.

All three combatants fought out bravely but when Kentake was about to deliver the ultimate move on Damien, Syn came from out of nowhere and took her out with an RKO!! Then he waited for Damien to get up and took him out as well, sending him to hell. Syn then covered Damien, got the 3 count and this then made him the new APW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!

Premier Wrestling [PW]:[]

Premier Wrestling Logo

2021 - present[]

Syn then went away and took a little break from the SL Wrestling World. He had claimed a championship that he had wanted throughout his entire career. But something happened. A spark suddenly ignited inside of him and this then told him to get his boots and kneepads back on and go wrestle again. Syn then went back to Vince Aftermath, an old colleague and friend of his and to give him a chance at Premier Wrestling again. Vince gave him the opportunity and told him to try out for the federation and be active. Syn nodded, agreed and signed his name to the dotted line. Syn is due to make his debut for UNPLUGGED on 4th December 2021 as "The Cobra" makes his return to the squared circle. Who will his opponent be this Saturday? Find out at Premier Wrestling's UNPLUGGED!

Saturday 4th December 2021 "UNPLUGGED"[]

It was that time! It was show time! The day that he, Syn had to once prove himself that he still had all after being retired. His opponent.......Hiram Assamila Wolfenstein or better known as "The Prophet". This could be an easy opponent for him....but it didn't go down the way he wanted it to. Hiram and Syn fought valiantly in the ring, Syn giving him his fists of fury while his opponent was giving them back to him.....then as they were close to the end.....something went wrong......the match was over in 5 minutes......that couldn't be right surely? The referee, not paying attention because they were focused on the ruckus outside the squared circle, counted down "1....2.....3...." for Hiram to pick up the win. Syn was very displeased and not happy about how the result ended.....he screamed......"What the hell?! Who hired this referee?!"......Shaking his head, Syn walked off to the back of the stage, aiming to conquer his next opponent the next week of UNPLUGGED.

Saturday 11th December 2021 "UNPLUGGED"[]

Show time and Syn was ready! Who was his next opponent......someone called "The Insane One"? He didn't believe there was anyone more insane than him but he wanted to see. He walked out into the ring and saw his opponent. He was called Alex "The Insane One" Camino. Syn laughed, shrugged it off and went toe to toe with him. The ref rang the bell and they got underway. The match was in Alex Camino's favor but Syn kept bringing it back. Then at one point of the match, Syn nailed him with his finisher.....TOTAL KNOCKOUT........but it wasn't enough, Alex had kicked out. Syn couldn't believe it. No one had kicked out of his finisher, in his entire career so he had words with the referee. Raising his voice and shouting at the top of his lungs to the referee, he turned around and Alex was standing up off the mat....Syn couldn't believe it. The so called INSANE ONE was standing and that wasn't all. He took the match to Syn and took him down.....The Cobra was defeated again and it wasn't looking pretty. He gingerly walked out to the back, saying to himself...."Seriously? What's going on? Come on Syn! You got this! Next week for sure!"....he gave himself a slap on the face, raring himself up ready to take out his next opponent......and will make sure that he will not.......GET.......UP...

Thursday 16th December 2021 "OVERLOAD"[]

While being on tour with Premier Wrestling on the show "UNPLUGGED", Syn was called by managment to appear on one of the main shows of Premier Wrestling, OVERLOAD. Syn was in total shock.....he couldn't believe it. As a veteran in the community, it was unreal. He entered the Starflare Arena that morning after taking a flight from across the pond the day before and booking into a hotel close by. He was here.....THE PREMIER WRESTlING STARFLARE ARENA....his new home. He looked around and entered through the back, checking around to see what was there......he headed over to the locker room and put his gear in a locker, then sat down on the bench. Then out of nowhere, RazGar showed up. He started talking to Syn, welcoming him to Premier and asking him questions, in which Syn responded that he was here to claim the big one......a championship title. During the conversation, a guy behind them known as THE ACE was looking for his MMA championship. He made a ruckus, looking through the whole locker room, then asked Syn and RazGar if they had seen it. Obviously, they hadn't seen it and Ace was getting frustrated. Syn and RazGar made the suggestion that it could have left it in his car....THE ACE then exited the locker room and Syn and Razgar went back to their own business....

Saturday 18th December 2021 "UNPLUGGED"[]

The next match came and his next opponent he faced was someone known as "The Chairman" or in this instance, Ryan Jameson. He was the chairman of the Jameson clan and this guy was needed to put down. Both men came out to their entrances and battled hard in the ring. In the end, they gave it their to one another, one dominating the other at brief times in the match.....the match then ended up outside where Ryan took it to Syn with a punch out brawl. Syn wasn't having any of that and decided to whip Ryan into the barricade.....FULL STEAM AHEAD!......both men came at one another with the same move.....CLOTHESLINE!!!........both landed down on the mat and ended up being a double count out.....There was no victory for Ryan.....but....there was no victory for Syn either.....which was one of the main things he was after....

Thursday 30th December 2021 "OVERLOAD - WAR MATCH"[]

Syn took a break over the holidays and returned back to England to spend time with his family. He got his family tons of stuff for Christmas, including getting some toys for his husky, Shadow. He then got the phone call was management again. Syn took the phone call to one side to listen and hear what they had to say and he was his own surprise as a veteran, he mouth just dropped. Syn hung up the phone, went back into the family living room and told his family that he was going to face the World Heavyweight Champion and get a title opportunity. Syn was over the moon, he could not believe the news he had received. On the 28th December, he booked tickets for his entire family, including Shadow the Husky and moved them over to PW Estates, to live with him in his new home. On the 29th December, later that afternoon he went to Starflare Arena and started was a big deal and it was big for him. December 30th had come and Syn was overwhelmed with nerves but also excitement and adrenaline....the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP.....he entered the arena and shouted to everyone "HELLO OVERLOAD!"....and headed down the ramp, walked around the arena and headed into the ring....he saw his family sat in the stands and gave them a wave.....he was ready......out came the champion....."The X-Factor" Xander Garcia.....X went straight for Syn but Syn immediately flew out the ring....he took a quick breather, then watched Xander get out the ring and who was on the ramp?.....Hunter.....and in an instant, Syn flew round and took out Xander with a clothesline...Syn took it to Xander and Xander took it back to Syn, then they went back into the ring and brawled it out.....Syn was winning the War Match by 2-0 and then Xander turned it around.....taking Syn to the limit and winning the entire WAR......Syn couldn't believe it.....the championship was there and it slipped through his fingers.....he went out to the back, now overlooking his current career progression....

Thursday 6th January 2022 "OVERLOAD"[]

After Syn was looking over his current career status, he felt like it was going to take a turn for the worst.....but that wasn't the case. He opened up his laptop in his home and received an email from Premier Wrestling Management, telling him he will be up against a peculiar that is totally different within the roster. Syn didn't know who it would be so he agreed to the match, which then he had to go to the PW Gym in the Starflare Arena and get himself pumped up ready for the fight. Could it be against Xander again? Or could it be against someone he faced during the UNPLUGGED show?......He wouldn't know until he turned up to OVERLOAD on the day. The day then came and he came out to his music....some of the crowd cheered, some booed......but his main focus was who was in the was a clown......He thought to himself...'oh this will be easy'......but it wasn't. The Wicked Clown took it to Syn to start with but he wasn't having any of it. Syn, like in his previous match went into brawl mode and used his fists.....but then it was countered by The Wicked Clown's moves and landed him on the ground.....Syn said to himself.....'shake it off, shake it off'.......but The Wicked Clown came back and sent him on a "MURDER-GO-ROUND"......which then landed Syn on the floor, his back hurting like hell.....he kicked out a few times during the match, as it wasn't his time to lose......but the tables turned.....The Wicked Clown tried to grab Syn but Syn rolled underneath him and used his signature..."THE SLEEP TIGHT"......which he hoped would get him the win he needed but it wasn't enough......then, out of nowhere, The Wicked Clown gave Syn an excruciating 'LOW BLOW', which Syn took his knee but was almost taken out by a 'CLOTHESLINE'.......Syn, then LITERALLY OUT OF NOWHERE.....'TOTAL KNOCK OUT'.......which was his finisher. This then led Syn to the win and he didn't receive a great reception but this was the first step to moving up the ladder toward a championship opportunity......

Friday 14th January 2022 *OVERLOAD*[]

Syn was getting ready for the day ahead, having being lined up with an interview with man on the mic Razgar, he was getting his bag packed and ready for OVERLOAD. He jumped into his car and drove to the Starflare Arena, spotting some fans from the audience, stopping and signing some autographs. After that, Syn continued on to the Arena, seeing how many food places he drove by. "Should I get something to eat before my match?.....No, I need to stay in shape and focus...." Syn refused to eat anything that was unhealthy, even though he missed it and managed to park his car up in the parking lot of the Starflare Arena. Later that night, matches went on....some people won, some people lost but overall, it was looking to being a good night....until being told at the last minute that he had an opponent switch but he didn't know who it was......He took up the interview with RazGar, answering his questions, letting the people of the Premier Wrestling Universe know why he returned back to the squared circle.....upon giving his answer, he stared down at the camera and told the fans that he was looking forward to his next 'victim' later tonight......He entered the ring and awaited his was some random wrestler they found in the back that wasn't doing anything.....Syn wasn't happy about this and took all of his anger and frustration out on him....then giving him the final blow "THE TKO", pinning his opponent and walking away with the win.



  • 2013 - 2014: VAW New Blood Championship
  • 2014 - 2015: APW No Limits Championship
  • 2014 - 2015: APW Heavyweight Championship

In Wrestling[]


  • Syn "The Cobra" (Current #1)
  • Syn "The Cobra" Gates (Used to be featured on VAW Turbulence)
  • Syn "The Demon of Death" Rage (Used to be featured on VAW Turbulence)
  • Syn Rage (Used to be featured on APW)

In Wrestling Move(s)[]

Finisher(s) & Signature(s)[]
  • The TKO (RKO)
  • The Sleep Tight (Skullcrusher)

Managers, Trainers etc[]

  • Stacy Grace (Trainer) (VAW)
  • Zach Rage (ROW/VAW/APW)
  • Vince Aftermath (VAW) (Premier Wrestling)
  • Savannah Mohegan (Manager) (VAW)

Entrance Music[]

  • "One More Lie" - Aranda (VAW) Current #1
  • "Those Chosen by The Planet" FF7 Soundtrack "Demon of Death Video"

Match Index[]

VAW (Virtual Attitude Wrestling Career) 2013:[]

  • Synyster "The Cobra" Gates vs Shawn Hex: 0-1
  • Synyster "The Cobra" Gates vs Jason Blackheart: 1-1
  • Synyster "The Cobra" Gates vs Usher Ibor: 2-1
  • Synyster "The Cobra" Gates vs Usher Ibor: 3-1
  • Rowdy Rob (w/ Syn) vs Usher Ibor: 4-1
  • Synyster "The Cobra" Gates vs Mark "The Scavenger": 5-1 (No.1 Contenders spot for the New Blood Title)
  • Synyster "The Cobra" Gates vs Hughie Fivo: 6-1 (Monarch of the Mat Tournament)
  • Synyster "The Cobra" Gates vs Davemac Linata: 6-2 (Monarch of the Mat Tournament)
  • Synyster "The Cobra" Gates vs Tyler Corvas: 7-2 (Day of Mandela)

APW (Action Packed Wrestling) 2014-2015: (Career Wins 10 : 7 Career Losses)[]

  • Syn Rage vs Shawn: Night of Destiny II - Mar 29th 2014 (1:0)
  • Syn Rage vs Zach: APW Ignition - Aug 14th 2014 (2:0)
  • Syn Rage & Zach vs Harry: APW Ignition - Sept 13th 2014 (3:0)
  • Syn Rage vs Shawn: APW Ignition - Sept 20th 2014 (4:0)
  • Syn Rage vs John Crossett: #1 Contenders Match for No Limits Title - Oct 11th 2014 (4:1)
  • Syn Rage, Katie & Zach vs Gypsy, Kaylee & Broly: Breaking Point - Oct 18th 2014 (4:2)
  • Syn Rage vs John Crossett: No Limits Championship - Nov 8th 2014 (5:2)
  • Syn Rage vs Scott Hex: APW Collision - Dec 6th 2014 (5:3)
  • Syn Rage vs El Huracan Famoso: APW Collision - Dec 13th 2014 (6:3)
  • Syn Rage vs Scott Hex def: No Limits Championship - Dec 20th 2014 (6:4)
  • Syn Rage vs Wolfy Kessel: APW Collision - Jan 31st 2015 (6:5)
  • Syn Rage vs Vander Jackson: APW Collision - Feb 7th 2015 (7:5)
  • Syn Rage vs Broly Blackheart: APW Collision - Feb 22nd 2015 (7:6)
  • Syn Gates vs Wolfy Kessel: APW Collision - Apr 24th 2015 (8:6)
  • Syn Gates vs Abaddon: APW Collision - May 1st 2015 (8:7)
  • Syn Gates vs John Crossett: APW UK Tour - May 8th 2015 (9:7)
  • Syn Gates def vs Damien Hex vs Kentake: APW vs HAWX Confrontation - June 19th 2015 (10:7)

Premier Wrestling (PW) 2021 -present: (Career Wins 0 : 3 Career Losses)[]

  • Syn "The Cobra" vs Hiram Assamila Wolfenstein "The Prophet": 0-1 (4/12/2021)
  • Syn "The Cobra" vs Alex "The Insane One" Camino: 0-2 (11/12/2021)
  • Syn "The Cobra" vs Ryan "The Chairman" Jameson: 0-0 (DOUBLE COUNT OUT) (18/12/2021)
  • Syn "The Cobra" vs Xander "X" Garcia: 0-3 (World Heavyweight Championship match) (30/12/2021)
  • Syn "The Cobra" vs The Wicked Clown 1-3 (06/01/2022)
  • Syn "The Cobra" vs George C Davis 2-3 (14/01/2022)
  • Syn "The Cobra" vs Hunter 0-0 (20/01/2022)